Easter Eggs – Year 3 – String Wrapped Wood

We started this years eggs last week, but I had to catch up on blogging last years eggs before I could share this years.

Anyway, year one’s theme was multi-color methods, year two’s theme was dye methods and embellishments, and year three’s theme is non egg materials.

For week 1, we wrapped wooden eggs (that I inherited from my grandmother) in baker’s twine from the dollar tree.

twine eggs

My daughter had pink, purple, and blue twine. I had orange, yellow, and green twine. I had barely finished the sentence “wrap the egg in twine” before she was asking if she had to do it the same way as I was. Of course I said no, she could do it however she liked, so she made the middle one first, the bird house second, and then decided to try doing it my way with her last egg, but she still wanted to use all three colors, so that was her solution. The not exactly orange in the picture egg was my only attempt to shake things up, wrapping at a diagonal instead of strictly horizontal.

This was simple enough to execute with a modicum of patience, and the result is beautiful, particularly if you’re going for a particular look. I kept things simple primarily because I had a display method in mind:eggs year 3 display 2Hers I set up on a shelf:

eggs year 3 display

So, not exactly “fun,” but worth while for those who like the look.