Easter Eggs – Year 3 Week 2 – Sequins on Styrofoam

This week’s eggs were sequin covered Styrofoam. I opted for the smooth Styrofoam, assuming the pins would stay put better in a more solid foundation.

sequin egg making

As usual, Quen the cat presided over the proceedings.

sequin egg making 2

It didn’t take long for her to mention the pins were hurting her thumb.

Instead of our usual three each, she only made one, and I only made two to test a theory. Working with my usual philosophy of working with what we have first, thereby spending as little as possible, I bought the eggs, figuring we’d make due with the sequins and pins we had on hand.

I started with a light green at the top of the egg, planning to create and ombre effect, blending it with a darker green around the middle, and all dark green at the bottom, adding a few flowers and a butterfly to the middle somewhere. However, it didn’t take long to figure out that if I did that, I would use literally all the green sequins, leaving my daughter none should she want some, and still quite possibly run out short of covering the eggs, so…I decided to add more flowers to the middle. It ended up quite a bit busier than I would have liked, but it was difficult to be too disappointed in that since the whole thing looked more tacky than like the jeweled egg I was hoping for anyway, and the pins didn’t help any.

sequin egg 3

I took them outside to photograph this time, hoping the natural lighting would help me get better color integrity, still had to edit the level. Oh well.

My daughter liked her egg well enough, but the project was far too tedious for her to properly “enjoy,” not to mention the toll taken by pushing all those small pins into the egg. She would stop every so often when she couldn’t take anymore. I think it took her four or five sessions to finish her egg (and there are still some spots the styrofoam peeks through on the side I didn’t photograph).

sequin egg 1

Her theme was the sky, composed of any blue sequin she could find.

My theory was that I wouldn’t particularly love any egg decorated this way unless I was intentionally going for a dragon egg, you know, one with scales. Since we ran out of pins before my daughter finished her egg, I decided to spring for the sequins to test this theory.

sequin egg 2

It’s an iridescent pale robin’s egg blue with small sequins at the top, medium sequins around the middle, and large sequins around the bottom.

It could have been better if I’d more intentionally overlapped the first row of each size more tightly, gradually expanding them in to the next size, but I proved my theory. I don’t like this as a bejeweled robin’s egg, I like it as a dragon’s egg.