New Year, New Troop

That’s the pattern so far, and it still holds. Yay us. At least this time it’s because we moved out of state. Pretty good reason for a new troop, don’t you think?

The subject of this post? TELL ME IT ISN’T JUST ME or, alternately, YOU AREN’T THE ONLY ONE

So…I’m not sure how I feel about our experiences yet. Without wanting to be too hard on Girl Scouts, or any subdivision there of, communication really seems to be a struggle everywhere we go. I came to town fully ready to be a troop leader again, desperate to avoid another span of inactivity due to troop shortage. It was incredibly difficult to get word about anything. At first they seemed rather excited to have a parent so eager to volunteer. Then I heard nothing. Pushing, I found out they were waiting to see how recruitment would go. Would have been nice to know that. I really wanted to get started early enough to do fall product sales, which, if you ask me, is way to close to the beginning of the scout year to really do effectively, but, there you have it. They were ecstatic to have someone who not only was eager to volunteer but was desperate to jump in. Miscommunication regarding recruitment event location, barely finding another event in time to go (found while attempting to figure out what happened to the missed event), talk of only needing a coleader, no more talk at all, and voila, communication from my daughter’s troop leader about meetings!

What’s that? My daughter has a troop leader and it isn’t me? That would have been nice to know. ┬áIt’s a multi-level troop, as well, so I’m guessing they just never found me a co-leader? Again, would have been nice to know. I mean, with a multi-level, they could have put me in touch with the leaders, three are better than two when several grades are involved, right? Fine, at least we have a troop this year. Better late than never.

The leaders seem great. They’re new, willing to listen to my compulsive talking about my own learning experience and tidbits of advice they had barely said they would appreciate. That alone earns them points. I mean, obvious annoyance or even a “would you please just shut up and go sit down with the other moms,” would have not been entirely uncalled for. That said, and with full understanding of busy lives, man do I understand busy lives, once you tell me to consider myself a third leader, I’d at least like to be kept in the loop about upcoming troop meeting plans. I’m I asking too much? Maybe?

Anyway, it’s a slow start, too. First and third Thursday meetings, starting the third Thursday of a month with five Thursday and a last minute cancellation of the following first, and I have an upset niece who’s eager to dive in. Now, this I get. It was a late start, they had to finish training an all that, and starting on a week that would be followed by three off instead of two makes sense because you just want to get going rather than waiting another month. Thank you! I love the thought and wholly on board. The cancelled meeting I completely understand as well, no explanation needed, your personal life is your personal life and unexpected obligations come up. That’s just the way it is. My niece’s understandable frustration is not your fault, nor your responsibility. However, it is real and valid as well.

So, now here’s my plan:

  1. Make sure I haven’t missed anything myself that is contributing to the problem
  2. Track down the council meetings so I can get involved and hope to improve communication
  3. Give the busy ladies I’ve only met once the benefit of the doubt and try to get to know them better. I don’t even know how long they’ve known each other or how much they communicated with each other about the next meeting.
  4. See where I actually fit in troop leadership and step back if that works best for everyone.
  5. Organize Girl Scout stuff for my daughter and my two nieces, a fourth and fifth grade junior respectively, who have joined in the scouting journey this year. Just supplemental stuff to keep them active and interested in the off weeks.