Easter Eggs – Year 3 Week 3 – Napkin Decopage

This week we took advantage of a little brother free evening and worked on eggs Friday night instead of waiting until Sunday.

Tonight, we used napkins and tissue paper to decoupage eggs. I saw no reason to worry with the blowing of and maintaining fragile eggs shells, so we used white plastic eggs.

decoupage eggs 1

You can kind of see our first eggs drying while she works. Hers is at the top, a bit capsule shaped.

She just jumped right in without thinking ahead too much or about the shape of the egg. For her next egg, I drew her attention to what I was doing and we talked a little about planning and details.

Now, there are a few people in my life who always seem to think I’m a far more accomplished crafter than I truly am. Most of the time I’m making it up as I go, barely managing to find a way to make stuff work with the usually inadequate materials I have on hand. I’ve never actually done decoupage before, much less on a curved surface, so this was an adventure for me as well.

By her third egg, she’d kind of gotten the hang of it. She decided that since her first two eggs were napkins designs on matching tissue paper, she’d make her third one all mismatched. She used bits and pieces, and she even figured out that smaller pieces lay flat to the egg more easily.

We used Modge Podge and foam paint brushes: glue on the eggs, paper on the glue, glue on top. Then we let it dry 20 min and for the top coat we decided to do them half an egg at time so they wouldn’t dry to the soda caps we were using as stands. Paint the top half of the egg, wait 20 min, paint the bottom half of the egg, wait 20 min and repeat. Two coats each end.

decoupage eggs 2

Her third, first, second, my first, second, and third.

Yes, I used the caps off 20 oz soda bottles for egg stands. It was the lowest amount of contact I could manage.


My second egg is my Arendelle egg, made from a Frozen napkin my daughter didn’t think was Eastery until I started cutting it to pieces. My third is my favorite, I think, but if her second had been as smooth as her third I think it might have been.


Year 2 Easter Eggs Week 4 – Kool Aid with Botanical Illustrations

The final dye method we played with last year was Kool-Aid.

2016-3-6 easter egg experiments - cool aid and decopage

Wish I could tell you the flavors. Pretty sure that’s blue raspberry and lemon lime, the black one is probably grape? the yellow is probably lemonaide, seriously no clue what the brown one is, and the red is most like cherry

I really liked the mottled coloring, it had a very interesting effect.

The addition we made to these was decoupage. I have two versions of a flower guide coloring book from my grandmother. They both had the same color guide illustrations inside the cover. We used one set of pictures to cut out flowers for our eggs.

kool aide eggs

I can only photograph one side of the egg at a time, but my daughter added a flower to both sides of the egg. I only placed one on each. Also, the green egg on the end is a much prettier green in person, just think, that table cloth their on? Yes, that’s a spring green. This is what happens when the only camera you own is a also a phone. Pro tip guys, don’t drop you nice camera (high-mid range point and shoot, actually, nice ones are expensive for amateurs) on concrete.

It turned out well, overall, I think. Except, piece of advice, seal the Kool-Aid (is there a hyphon or not? I keep going back and forth) or other dye before adding the decoupage. I wish I had coated them all in Modge Podge and let it completely dry before adding the flowers. The dye had a tendency to run in the wet glue.

kool aid eggs mine

The iris on green is my favorite, and you can kind of see in the others where the white flowers have been tinted by the Kool Aid

kool aid eggs hers

That pink egg is red, remember the first picture in the post? the one taken last year on my real camera? I think she did a great job with her decoupage, not wrinkly or bunching her very narrow and delicate picture.

I do think decoupage on one of the smoother dyes, like food coloring or Paas, would showcase the flowers better, but thus is the nature of experimenting. I do really like the iris and green, though, that one worked particularly well, probably because it’s green…