Junior Aids and a New Quest

So I’m behind in posting. Not surprising, and I’m sure anyone who actually reads this will understand when I say this is the final week of my final semester for my Master’s degree.

Anyway, I thought having one Cadette around was an unmitigated blessing (it is, by the way), so I was actually a little nervous when I agreed to let a Junior troop earn their Junior Aid badge with us. I had nothing to worry about. It’s been amazing. First, three weeks ago, they led their badge activity and my girls earned their Brownie First Aid badge. Here’s what made it so amazing:

  • Their troop supplied the materials for the first aid kits
  • They have a troop dad who’s a cop
  • They have a troop mom who’s an EMT
  • I didn’t have to prepare a thing or arrange a visit from anyone
  • My girls had a blast (the most important factor, really)

They role-played 911 calls, built first aid kits (learning what everything that went into it was for and how to use it), learned basic first aid treatments, got to interview an EMT, and got to interview a police officer. It was an exciting meeting.

Last week we started our Brownie Quest journey. I’m modifying this journey even more than the last one, but I think it’ll work well. I did start with the Girl Scout Law scavenger hunt suggested in the leader guide. I used large gift tags, wrote a line of the law on each tag, and hid them around our meeting place. Our Junior Aids were back, so I had each Junior partner with a Brownie and, since we were missing two of our seven girls, it worked out for each group to find two tags.

We then read them off in order and talked about values. I went straight to the “Discover Me” star in the girl’s book, and had the Juniors help the girls talk through their answers or, at the very least, keep them on task. It was simply amazing how productive this was.

Look at them! Their on task!

Look at them! Their on task!

We then went around the table and each girl shared her favorite question on the star and how she answered it. They each chose a different question and really seemed to enjoy sharing.

Finally, we came to the really fun part. I came across this amazing project on Pinterest from the Brave Girls Club. The project is making an “I am…” self-portrait. I printed out the figures, faces, and words provided in a pdf and raided my personal stash of “I’ll use this someday” art supplies. I had a selection of 8.5×11 scrapbook paper in pretty designs that they used as a base, and then they had all sorts of ribbons, stickers, embellishments, glitter glue, and rhinestones to decorate their “portraits.” I absolutely LOVED the creativity the girls showed. I had decided against bringing paint, figuring that would complicate things just a bit too much, but then I forgot to bring markers, so they didn’t have any obvious solutions for hair. One of my girls didn’t worry about at all, a couple used ribbon, one used glitter glue. They all chose different words to add and different things to focus on.


everyone working so nicely!


my daughter working on her very expressive self-portrait

What’s more, the Juniors were fantastic. They helped guide the creativity without taking over; they helped cut things out, figure out how to glue things down…all in all, I seriously doubt this would have gone near as well without them and certainly would have been a lot more hectic with limited adults trying to help everyone at once. Just look at these beautiful portraits!

IMG_6169 IMG_6167 IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6174

The girls took their journey books home to look through and complete the family star before next meeting. I’ll send out a reminder later this week, and we’ll talk about their stars and complete the Discover Key at the beginning of the next meeting.