Spring Awakening Once More

And once again I have blogged nothing all year. At least I completed 3 out of 4 Easter Egg posts last year. I’ll write up the fourth before we start this years eggventure.

Girl Scouts continues to move forward with merely adequate activity. The summer was too busy and sleep deprived for us to complete an independent journey, but we did switch to a troop closer to home with other juniors to keep her company. There have been a handful of badges, but a journey weekend has been postponed at least 3 times and I’m now uncertain the bronze award will happen. I have my doubts the summit award will happen, but we’ll still try this spring/summer. She’s informed me she cares more about that than collecting badges. Either way, she’s had piano, cross country running, school choir, and now 5th grade band keeping her busy.

We’ve also moved into counseling for ADHD, so self motivation and the pursuit of personal interests is a life lesson we’re learning, rather than relying on mom to remember everything she wants to do and find a time for it, she needs to check in and remind me she’d like something to happen. Tough lesson to learn when you live at 90mph. The point is that any disappointment is not the sole responsibility of a troop, parent, or child. It’s life, it’s always complicated.