Displaying Year 2 Easter Eggs

I didn’t go for another hanging display showcasing all four methods. They simply weren’t compatible enough. Vibrant colors, neutrals, shiny, delicate, they were just too diverse.


eggs year 2 display 2

I put my favorites in stemmed tea light candle holders from the dollar tree.

eggs year 2 display 2.5

I was trying to get a good picture, hah, and my son decided he needed to help. Hello, bubby!

Yes, my three favorites were mine. Forgive me for admitting that I like my finished products over those of a nine year old. I love her eggs, they are very precious to me, and she gets better at crafting every year, but while I am far from perfect I am more intentional in design and careful in execution. Sometimes she surprises me, though, and I love those moments.

eggs year 2 display 3

The Paas/glitter and food dye/foil leaf I placed in a large, clear vase. We happen to have a high counter that divides our kitchen and dining room, and the sparkly eggs really draw the eye.

I didn’t add my Charlie Brown egg, it was fun to make, but is a little too noticeable, and my other egg broke. Sad.

eggs year 2 display

The Kool-Aide/Decoupage and natural dye/plant relief eggs I placed in colorful plastic shot glasses I found at Walmart for 20 cents each. There’s a little piece of plastic, the squares they used to keep the glasses from sticking to each during shipping, waded up in the bottom of each glass to support the egg.

eggs year 1 display

As a bonus, I found that my third tier eggs from year 1 fit in this tall vase.

As you can see, my daughter improved on their original design by adding stickers to hers. The pink shiny nail polish egg was on top, but I had originally set the vase on the middle shelf of the baker’s rack, thinking it would be safe. The other items on that shelf get left alone. The eggs drew my son’s attention, however, and he was able to reach right in and grab that top egg. It made a really satisfying grenade. The others would have died as well, but I was able to move the vase to the kitchen window before he was able to grab another. He was les sthan pleased…



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