Oh Drama

So the troop drama continues. According to our Service Unit manager, we were never forgotten; my coleader never responded to her. Okay, well, whatever. My coleader quit anyway and took her three kids and three neighbor kids with her anyway. Go figure. I’ll never know what happened, I guess.

We have been adopted by my SU leader’s multilevel troop so my girls get to stay together. yay, but one of my nieces doesn’t handle change or new people well, ouch. Well, we’ve been to one meeting she didn’t like, but the other niece and my daughter both have made new friends already, yay, so hopefully she will adapt soon. It was a rough meeting for new girls anyway, they were finishing up cookie business and financial badges. This week will be something new, so it should be better.

Even if I’m not planning and running meetings anymore I’ll still chronicle the troop activities here since this is about troop ideas and not showing off or taking credit.

**sigh** I just want it to run smoothly again…

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