Easter Egg Dyeing: Year 2 – Paas and Glitter

If last years theme was ways to tie dye eggs, this years theme is experimenting with dye. My daughter even decided to keep a journal of the results.

We started out with a ubiquitous PAAS egg dyeing kit. I let her choose her three colors and then choose three from what was left. (our kit contained nine color tabs.)

Word of advice, when planning to dye eggs, make sure you have white vinegar on hand. I did not, and we did not. However, in gathering methods, I found an explanation of why we needed the vinegar. I had never thought about it before, but one gentleman who dislikes the smell experimented with quantities until discovering the optimum pH level desired for egg dyes. So, since we had apple cider vinegar, I looked up the acidity as compared to white vinegar and, it being half as acidic, I doubled the amount and we were just fine.

It being an experiment in dye sources, we didn’t do anything fancy, only dunked a whole egg in one color.


my daughter’s eggs are on the left, mine are on the right

Then, because solid eggs aren’t all that much fun, we’re also going to add something different to each type. This week we added glitter.


my daughter’s are in the front, mine are in the back

She started with random and messy on the pink egg while I started with swirls on the orange. She she did zigzags and polka dots on the red, and her zigzag gave me the idea of making the yellow egg a Charlie Brown egg. She finished with a large band around her teal egg, and I opted for half-covered on the slant for the blue.

After a while I plan on coating them with a clear acrylic sealer to contain the glitter, but I forgot to pick some up while at the store, so that will have to wait.

I think PAAS has changed their formula over the years, because I don’t remember them turning out this well, but it’s been a long time since I’ve used them, so I can’t be sure. Also, I wonder if hollowing out the eggs first has anything to do with it. Surely not.


P.S. I bought the PAAS set at the store.

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