Hey, it could happen to you…

Well, this year has been a banner year for girl scouts. At least for us. Can you sense the sarcasm? Communication between troop leaders is good, and we get along fine, but people keep getting sick or having family emergencies. We’ve met half the times we should have and had half the troop there, but at least it was a different cross section of girls each time?

Yeah, that and we pretty much missed the boat on cookies this year, but that one we blame on our council basically forgetting we exist and making no effort to involve our troop and make sure the new folks have a clue what’s going on or coming up. I have yet to attend a council meeting, still unclear when they happen or where.

At least our girls are busy enough that they don’t seem to mind too much…

Anyway, given our stop and go meeting schedule, I’ll make an end of journey post to sum up how we made it through.

Talk about disheartened…

4 thoughts on “Hey, it could happen to you…

  1. If your troop is busy and happy I wouldn’t give a second thought to missing out on cookies this year! If parents complain about it, they can sign up for Troop Cookie Parent next year!


  2. I really appreciate your blog. Thank you for making the time to write it. I’m struggling in this Brownie year to keep my girls interested the journeys are tough and unfortunately communication with my leaders aren’t great. They both work full time and I’m not able to carve out mutually convenient meeting time for the leaders to plan.


    • thank you! the main reason i write the blog is so other leaders who stumble upon it know they aren’t alone in their struggles and maybe get some ideas. i use the journey guides as barest ideas and just make sure my girls meet the requirements for the badges involved.


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