Easter Egg Preservation and Display

So in all my searching for fun egg dyeing techniques, I came across this post about making eggs last 10 years or more, and that sounded good to me.

So, as per the blog, I gathered my Modge Podge, a random foam board I had lying around, some toothpicks, an empty hand-sanitizer bottle, nail scissors, a paint brush, and a small cup of water.IMG_5902IMG_5903




I used the toothpicks to make a peg board to dry the eggs on, mixed the glue and water, and poured some in the hand-sanitizer bottle. I didn’t have any straws, and the medicine syringe I had on hand for the sharpie and nail polish remover eggs had disappeared. I fear it was accidentally thrown away, and I had imagined it to be perfect for this. Oh well, I improvised with the hand-sanitizer bottle. When necessary, I used the nail scissors to enlarge the holes in the eggs, but even still, I’m not entirely sure how well coated the inside of the eggs really became. I’m not that worried about it though, since this was just a precaution, and I intend to treat them as very delicate anyway. The hand-sanitizer bottle didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped, but it was much easier than trying to insert the glue in other ways.

Once there was as much glue as I felt I could reasonable get inside the eggs, I swirled them around, let any drip out that would, and used the paint brush to coat the outside of the egg. Then I set it aside on the peg board and moved on.


Once they were completely dry, I got my ribbon and a piece of something firmer than cardstock but quite a bit less than cardboard, like the stuff gift boxes are made out of, which I cut in half. (Don’t know what it came out of as I collect things that may be useful some day.)

2015-4-3 easter egg display (1)


I used a tapestry needle to thread the ribbons through the eggs, tied off a bow under the eggs, and stapled the top of the ribbons to the cards. This way, the card can sit on the shelf and can be weighted down by anything, really: books, figurines, other Easter decorations…

2015-4-3 easter egg display (2)


my daughter’s: volcano, nail polish, shaving cream, and nail polish remover


2015-4-3 easter egg display (3)


mine: shaving cream, nail polish, volcano, and nail polish remover



you can also see her pretty Easter poster

you can also see her pretty Easter poster

Since my daughter wanted to keep almost all of her eggs, I got the idea to use ribbon scraps from the display cards to create a garland. I just used square knots to link the ribbon in alternating colors and hung the eggs one from each segment (in the opposite color of course) except the ends, which I tied in loops to hang the thing by.

the daffodil egg in the middle is one i was given several years ago

the daffodil egg in the middle is one i was given several years ago

For the two eggs of my own that I particularly liked but didn’t rank favorite, I just hung from ribbon loops. The rest of mine are sitting in an Easter basket on the counter.


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