World Thinking Day and a “Council’s Own” Badge

In San Jacinto Council, we have a Passport to International Adventure badge the girls can earn by learning about Girl Scouting around the world, and participating in World Thinking Day is one of the requirements, so I combined the two events for the girls.

international adventure        world thinking day

There were four required activities for the Council’s Own badge for all levels, and several optional activities for the girls to choose from depending on their level. Brownies only need to choose one more, and since one of the electives was “select and learn about one country in WAGGGS,” that’s the option we did since the information used in that activity supplied the contents of our booth at the Thinking Day event.

We started by learning about WAGGGS and the World Centers, the Juliet Low World Friendship Fund, and the purpose and history of World Thinking Day, then we learned about India and what scouting is like for girls there. We then used the information about India to put together a poster for our booth. I only had three of my girls at the meeting, so this part actually went rather smoothly. Had we had all the girls, we would have actually played one of the games we learned about, but alas…these things happen.wagggs pin

For all this info collecting, I put it together before the meeting, printed stuff out, and brought it with me. If I had planned ahead well enough, like a more experienced leader probably would have, I would have mentioned all this several meetings ago and had the girls looking for the information, maybe split it up and have them teach each other the different parts, maybe have them each find their favorite part of each section to share, but either way (and probably let them have some say in which way it was) they would have had more to do with the planning of it like they’re supposed to. Ah well, live and learn, right? I’m still working on figuring out this whole game…

I did have five out of seven show up to the World Thinking Day event, so they learned about India and helped host the booth, earning the World Thinking Day badge. I made a little hand out with the requirements for the Passport to International Adventure badge in case they wanted to earn it at home and receive it along with the three that had been a the meeting.

For our booth, we had our poster and we had coloring sheets. We used the outline of a hand for girls to practice henna designs, and we had a mandala coloring sheet and a rangoli coloring sheet. I actually added the mandala and rangoli after my daughter had a rather difficult time accepting a craft that only used the color brown the way henna does. She just can’t handle such an appalling lack of color, so we added some color to our activity.

For our passport stamp, I wasn’t going to go out and buy something India related, so I used an exacto knife to cut a wheel design out of a foam craft sheet (to match the wheel in the center of the Indian flag) glued it to a wooden spool I had in my odds and ends drawer.

2015-2-27 world thinking day for blog

I don’t have permission to share pics of my girls, so I used the online editor pixlr to add elf faces (which I cropped out of the finger puppet activity on

PS, even I find this dry and I was there and had all the fun. I’m new to blogging, don’t really intend to make anything big of it either, but if anyone who reads this has any suggestions on how to make this more enjoyable or friendly or welcoming or encouraging, please please please leave me a comment or a message. I’m just literally outlining what we did. I don’t know how to make it cute or funny or even know if that’s necessary. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, hope this helps somehow.


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