WoW! Loving water, and loving snacks just a little bit better…

We were introduced to the WoW: Wonders of Water journey last meeting, and this meeting we opened with a water cycle activity led by our Cadette helper. She set up stations of different water forms and the girls were each water drops that then traveled through the cycle. They loved the running around and it led to a good discussion on process. We have one little girl that loves to ask questions about how things work and why and I have to be careful because one answer always leads to another question or six, but I love her curiosity.

After that we talked about water conservation methods and earned our Loving Water badge as well as completing the the “save water” step for the household elf badge. Yay for multi-tasking!

For snack time, we started our snack badge, Jumping In and Making a Snack for Energy.

Snack for Energy! Apple slices with peanut butter and raisins. (Image found on Pinterest w/out link)

The snack was a HUGE hit. The girls had a blast trying to spread the peanut butter, as much entertainment as it was yummy (the trick is to scrape the peanut butter off on the edge of the apple so it sort of lays out on apple rather than spreading it around like you would on bread, it just slides around on the juicy fruit.) They all tried the raisins, though one opted to eat it it primarily without, and I’m pretty sure we found a new favorite for most of them.

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

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