Making Games and Money Manager

Hello all, whoever you may be, it’s been a while. Come, read my post and feel better about yourself as a mother and a troop leader! Sorry for the reeeaaaalllly spread out posts. Don’t know if anyone is actually following, but I’ll try to do better all the same. Regular updates would be soooooooooo much better, and a more reliable accountability tool as well.

The girls had a blast on the making games badge.

We actually took a field trip to a Butterfly Festival in October in lieu of one of our meetings. The girls got to learn about Monarch migration, butterfly life-cycles, and good bugs vs bad bugs, and there were face painting, games, arts and crafts, and a lot of fun. They actually completed the scavenger hunt requirement for games at the festival.

At our next meeting, we used random items found in the church storage closet to set up our own obstacle course for the party game, which the girls really enjoyed, but I think they enjoyed watching their leaders run it even more. Then our Cadette friend helped them change the rules to Tag, Mother May I?, and My Precious. It was hard to get them to move on. For a mystery game, we played a Disney character Who Am I? The princess version was a little too easy for the girls to figure out who they were, so the second round we widened the selection to any character, and that took a while a longer. Our brand new sport was a theoretical design as early November, after dark, was a bit too chilly to play outside, not to mention, you know, dark. Still, we recorded the rules and may play it some time this spring now that things are warming up.

We were supposed to start a journey following our first badge, but we didn’t have the materials yet, so we completed the Money Manager badge to pass the time. We did all of the activities using the paper doll in the back of the Girl’s Guide.

Here’s where you really get to start feeling good about yourself:

There are two meetings I cannot account for, in which I cannot recall how we spent our time. I wasted a month of our girls precious troop meetings. Granted, I’m pregnant and life is always hectic, and I know the girls enjoyed themselves regardless of whether we “accomplished” anything or not, but still, it nettles me. Also, I never not CoCo Mobile up and running for my daughter, so family out of state have no access to cookies. The worst, however, is that I never even remembered to bring the order form to work and lay it in the break room for people to write in their own orders. How easy is that to do? And all I can say for myself is “my baby drained my brain” and I just never grabbed it on the way out. Perhaps I’m lucky I remembered to take my daughter to school before heading to work myself, and yeah, she’ll get to sell cookies at the booth, and yeah, CoCo Mobile may still be available until the end of booth sales (don’t know, looking into it), but still, IT NETTLES ME!

So there, a record of my failings as mom and leader so you know, at the very least, you are not alone in your imperfections. YAY! We can be human together!

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

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