New Year, New Troop

So, a few changes were made. My co-leader for the Daisy troop decided her family just does not have the time or resources to stay in girl scouts. It was the best decision for them, and didn’t really affect us all that much anyway, since she was going to stay with the Daisies while I moved up with our only Brownie.

Recruitment didn’t go as well as some of us were hoping, and we didn’t get any new second grade Brownies, much less any with a mom willing to be my new co-leader. We did, however, have an existing second grade Brownie troop in need of a co-leader as one of theirs had just moved. They needed a leader, we needed a troop, so it worked out perfectly for everyone.5-9_PP_make-a-book_492x369

We had our first meeting together on Monday, and I think it went well. Two of the girls weren’t able to make it, but we had five there.

I started with a Brownie circle and introductions before going through some of the Girl Guide. We reviewed the promise and law,talked about how Brownies are all over the world, and I read them the Brownie story. Then we talked about what Brownies do. My co-leader and I had already purchased all the skill badge packs, and I had gone through them, along with the legacy badges, sorting out those that would make for good, complete meeting programs; those that would work best as independent, at home projects reported on to the troop; those that would make good field trips; and those that would be best split between meeting and independent work. So, after explaining badges and journeys to the girls, I let the choose what they wanted to start with. They were REALLY excited about getting to make decisions for the troop instead of just coming to meetings, so I think that’s going to work out well. We had one girl who wanted to do a journey, and three that wanted to do a badge. So, we decided to start with one badge and then do a journey, and that decision had everyone happy. So, next meeting, we’ll be earning the Games badge.

Choosing a troop crest a bit of an ordeal, but no one cried or got mad, so I consider it a success.

My co-leader’s oldest daughter, a Cadette, was there as well, and she was a real blessing. She played games with the girls and helped with the snack, and I really look forward to working with her as well. I think it’s going to be a good year, and I look forward to getting to know my girls better.

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

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