Between the Earth and Sky: Session Three

For our third and final session, we made a poster about how ‘YOU’ can protect our wildlife as our take action project, earning the girls their Clover Award. Together, with a bit of guidance, the girls came up with 1. visit local parks, 2. mind your weeds and seeds: stay on paths and don’t pick unknown wildflowers, 3. reduce, reuse, recycle, 4. conserve water and energy, 5. don’t bother wild animals, 6. garden with native plants, 7. keep the outdoors clean, and 8. learn more at,, and

I had printed off several pictures of endangered species found in our area of the country, including plants, as well as the state park and national forest nearby. (I don’t actually have a color printer at home, and I didn’t want to get photo prints, so I used Picasa to make collages of the pictures I wanted, about 4 to a page, and printed them at the library.) I did the lettering, but the girls had creative control of the layout and helped glue things in place. My daughter asked our local children’s librarian if we could display it at the library, and now we’re just waiting to see it hung.

take action: protect our wildlife

I don’t know how well this project would work with a larger group of girls, what with everyone needing to work together for a single coherent poster and all that, but it worked well for us and took about an hour and a half to put together. I think it looks very good, if I do say so myself.

Update: Finally getting around to adding pics of the library display:

I got the dimensions wrong, so our wonderful children’s librarian used one of her display boards to show it off in the reading area.

my daughter showing off a display she’s very proud of

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