Back-log 5: Our Garden Party – from June 28

To celebrate the completion of the “Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden” journey and the girls having earned all their petals, we had a garden party at a local play park. The girls got to play for a little bit while we set up and chatted (at this point is was just us leaders and one other couple), and then we called to the table. One girl finished her last picture to earn the “respect myself” petal, and another made her paper chain links. Once everyone was truly all caught up and done, we had a short little ceremony that was little more than me telling them I was proud of them. It wasn’t near as organized as our investiture and should have been a bit more than it was. Two girls had their petals already ironed on their vests and I presented them that way, the third received the petal patch packet. Only one of the girls had the daisy petal added to the journey patch already, and I had left my daughter’s at home, so it wasn’t a fancy or elaborate deal at all, but the girls liked it and they got to snack on a fruit tray we’d brought and play on a playground, so they were happy.

I also sent home their completed daisy flower garden murals. Just a reminder, I found the idea and most of the instructions for that wonderful project over at the OCD Girl Scout Leaders blog.

amazing garden mock up 2

my amazing daisy flower garden mock up

my daughter's amazing daisy garden mural

my daughter’s amazing daisy flower garden mural

Sorry for all the back logs, but summer is a busy time, and, frankly, I’m fortunate enough to get everything else done. This blogging thing really is so much easier to do on a regular basis than it is to catch up with…

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