Back-log 4: Zinni and Clover – from June 24

We had one week left before our garden party to cover both Zinni and Clover, but that works out ok because Zinni can compliment just about any of the other flowers, being kind and considerate. So we read the stories, talked about them, discussed the lines of the law, and then we made toilet paper roll bird feeders. We were using resources wisely by reusing the paper tubes, and we were being considerate of our bird friends by making feeders for them. I didn’t manage to get pictures of it, because it’s a fairly messy process, and then I forgot to get pictures of the completed result. Sorry.

You take empty toilet paper rolls, smear them with peanut butter, and then cover the peanut butter with bird seed. Then you string a piece of yarn through the tube and tie it off to hang it up by. It works really well and the girls had a lot of fun, all of them snacking on the peanut butter while they worked, too. Just be sure to have some large baggies on hand to send them home in. I found the idea HERE

Here’s a picture from that wonderful blog:

we didn’t use cheerios for ours, though, just the seed

Then, they finally finished their murals. (But I held on to them for just a little bit longer, sending them home at the garden party.)

Zinni took a full episode of Gilmore Girls just for the flower heads.

For Zinni, I used a bright yellow-green card stock and used my scrapbook cropping templates to cut three different size circles which I then clipped petals into, 8 into the smaller two discs, 16 into the largest. I found I could make the cuts for two discs at a time without too much slipping, three and the scissors moved them too much as I cut. The time consuming part for Zinni was trimming the corners off of each petal to give them an almost rounded look without having to actually round them off. I had to do them one at a time, but I did every corner on one side going around the disc before flipping it and doing the others, so I didn’t have alter the angle of the scissors every other cut. It made it quicker, easier. Then I cut the stem and two flowers for each from green card stock.

prepped materials

prepped materials

my mock up

my mock up

The girls curled each petal around a finger before layering them on the mural where they wanted them and placing the stem and leaves.

my daughter's zinni

my daughter’s zinni

Clover took nearly as long as Sunny to prep, requiring over 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls (she shared the third with Rosie, who was easy).

I cut lengths of white ribbon, the ridged kind of gift wrap ribbon you find everywhere at Christmas, and folded it several times, clipped open the folds at one end, carefully fanned it out, and folded a piece of tape across the point to keep it all together. Then I went through, trimming every other length just a tiny bit shorter. Then I went through and clipped the right corners of each length, flipped it over, and did so again. My daughter wanted to help with all my “crafting,” so I let her use a craft punch I have to make me 6 small discs of green card stock for each flower, and I cut a short length of green ribbon for the stems.

prepped materials

prepped materials

my mock up

my mock up

The girls glued the stems down, then the heads, and then bunch the discs in clover-leaf formation along stems.

my daughter's clover

my daughter’s clover

Before they went home, we talked a little bit about the daisies they had planted several weeks earlier and how it was time to give them away for our take action project and all the little ways doing something small and thoughtful like that could make someone world a little bit better.

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