Back-log 3: Vi – from June 10

Vi was one I had a bit of trouble with because I didn’t have the opportunity to engage another troop. One of the problems of holding troop activity over the summer is that most of the other troops are on hiatus. Anyway, I finally came up with an idea for which I honestly cannot remember the genesis. I decided we would make a troop paper chain. Each girl would write their name on a number of paper slips and then everyone would get one slip with each name and staple them into a paper chain.

By this time, though, we had lost one girl to a move, another just didn’t want to come anymore, and a third simply never showed up, so our troop was down to three girls and one of them was absent. I had the two who were there make their slips of paper, though, and the third caught up at the garden party. My co-leader and I also made slips since we’re part of the troop as well.

It turned out something like this:

our troop paper chain

our troop paper chain

For the mural, Vi took less than 1 episode of Gilmore Girls to prep.

I used my scrapbook cropping templates to cut out small ovals of light purple tissue paper, 10 per flower, which didn’t take very long given how many layers of tissue paper I can cut at once. I just had to be careful the top couple layers weren’t pulled as I completed the circuit. Then I cut 2 leaves per flower from green felt.

prepped materials

prepped materials

my mock up

my mock up

The girls used glue sticks (you can also put the white glue on a plate or piece of scrap paper and dab on with a finger if you don’t have glue sticks) and grouped the petals, 2 deep (the light purple was thin it needed to be 2 deep to keep the color) in a tight, slightly overlapping, closed circle. Then they used white glue to place to the leaves next to the flower.

my daughter's vi

my daughter’s vi

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