Back-log 2: Lupe – from June 3

My daughter and I were out of town this week, we had a family vacation at Disney World, so my Co-Leader led the group while I was gone and I covered Lupe with my daughter on our own time.

I don’t know how to the lesson worked, but the plan was to read the story and talk about it, and then do an activity for two different types of fairness. The first activity was the common Hershey Kiss lesson that you’ll find examples of all over Girl Scout blogs. You had each girl a random number of Hershey Kisses and then discuss whether it’s fair that some girls have more and what they can do to make it more fair. I thought that was great, but it’s only fair in one type of situation. In most situations in life, not everyone gets the same and not everyone should. So I suggested they also play a few rounds of musical chairs and discuss whether or not it was fair that one person was out first and one person got to win. Fair in a game is following the rules and being a good sport when you don’t come in first.

I also made sure they had the materials to add Lupe to the mural, and my daughter caught up when we got back.

Lupe took less than 1 episode of Gilmore Girls, fitting in nicely with the stems and leaves from Zinni.

I used my scrapbook cropping templates to cut small circles of blue tissue paper (16 per flower), getting several circles per cut given how thin tissue paper is; I just had to be careful it didn’t pull the top couple layers as I got close to completely the circle. I then trimmed the top of each stack, careful to keep them from looking too pointy. For the stem, I cut 7 lengths of green ribbon, the smooth, shiny version of gift wrap ribbon you find everywhere around Christmas.

prepped materials

prepped materials

lupe mock up

lupe mock up

The girls placed the ribbon where they wanted it and then used a glue stick to group the petals along the stem. Using a glue stick is important with tissue paper, otherwise you see dark swirlies through the paper when it’s dry. (You can also put the white glue on a plate or piece of scrap paper and dab on with a finger if you don’t have glue sticks.)

my daughter's lupe

my daughter’s lupe

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