Back-log 1: Gloria and Gerri – from May 21

At this meeting we covered Gloria and Gerri together. In order to fit our schedule, we had to double up on some flowers, and these work well together as they are both about respect. I didn’t get too fancy with this lesson considering all we had to get done, and we read the stories and talked about them, as well as what the lines of the law meant. In order to actually earn their petals, the girls had to draw, at home, a picture of themselves in a position of authority and a picture of them “respecting” themselves and bring them back to me. It took several weeks for them all to bring their pictures in, and I even had a girl drawing one at our garden party.

The girls still seemed to be enjoying the mural project as well.

Gloria took less than an episode of Gilmore Girls to prep. (Tula and Gloria together took 2)

This I got straight from OCD Mom. I used my scrapbook cropping template to cut circles of purple tissue paper. I only needed to cut once given how thin tissue paper is; I just had to be careful that the top couple of layers weren’t pulled as I completed the circle. Then I used another template to cut large ovals of a light green tissue paper, 2 for each flower, and small circles of plain white printer paper.

gloria prep

my cat decided to help with my prepped materials photo shoot

gloria mock up

my mock up of gloria

The girls made glue trails across their murals and then laid down yarn, trimming it to length, and gluing their white disc at the “up” end. Then they folded the purple discs in half three times to make a triangle, then trimmed the point from both sides and clipped off the bottom corners, unfolded it to reveal a pointed hole in the center and notched around the outside edge, and used a glue stick to center it over the white disc (you can also put the white glue on a plate or piece of scrap paper and dab on with a finger if you don’t have glue sticks). The folded the green ovals in half and cut out shapes for the leaves, using a glue stick for them as well.

gloria kaley's mural (11)

my daughter’s gloria

Gerri took 1 episode of Gilmore Girls to prep.

I couldn’t get a bright enough color with food coloring, so I used a marker to color enough coffee filters to cut out 5 petals for each flower (I used my scrapbook cropping template for small ovals). I don’t really recommend this, because it just about bled my marker dry. You could, instead, use acrylic paint mixed with water. The internet assures me this will work. I cut the stems and leaves out of a light green card stock. For the leaves, I used my scrapbook cropping templates to cut out 2 large ovals and 4 smaller ovals per flower before trimming them into the leaf shapes. I once again used my “cut all the cuts in one direction and flip it over and cut the other way” method to save time, and I was able to cut all four small ovals for each flower at once, and both large at once. I suppose I could have cut the large for 2 flowers at once to save even more cutting, but that only just occurred to me now. Oh well.

gerri prep

the prepped pieces

gerri mock up

my mock up

The girls grouped their petals together in a slightly overlapping, tight, closed circle and used a glue stick to place them, because coffee filters are only slightly thicker than tissue paper and also reveals the glue swirl of white glue. (You can also put the white glue on a plate or piece of scrap paper and dab on with a finger if you don’t have glue sticks.) They then added the stems and placed the leaves in a fan formation: a large leaf with a small leaf on either side to make one three section leaf, leaving off sections as crowding in the mural required.

my daughter's gerri

my daughter’s gerri

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