Making the World a Better Place, one Daisy at a time

This week, we didn’t work on any new petals, but we began our Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden take-action project. Given our troop’s limited resources, crunched time frame, and generally overwhelmed leaders, we decided to keep it simple. The girls decided last week to plant daisies, care for them until they begin to grow, and then gift them to people who could use something to brighten their world.

We got some bio-degradable pots from the Dollar Tree, some potting soil, and a pack of Shasta Daisy seeds. Since our pots don’t have holes in the bottom to drain excess water, we layered some rocks under the soil to help keep the girls from overwatering the plants, and after planting, I did my best to demonstrate how much water they need, what the soil should look/feel like. Fortunately, I think our girls have parents who can help keep an eye on them. They’ll care for the flowers for five weeks, until we’re done with the rest of the petals, and then they’ll find someone to give them to before our end of journey garden party in order to earn their honey bee badge.

After planting our seeds, we went inside and added Rosie to our garden mural.

Rosie was easy to prep, taking less than 1 episode of Gilmore Girls (sharing with the last bit of Clover prep.)

I took a break from my Gilmore Girls marathon long enough to dip 7 coffee filters in about a cup of water, in which I had mixed a few drops of pink food coloring, and wring them out. I then turned on closed captions so I could restart the show while blow drying the filters. Once they were dry, I cut them in half, folded each half in half, and cut large scallops into the folded edges. Then I cut lengths of green ribbon, the kind with loops on the edge because (as my daughter noticed very quickly) they look like thorns, and three smallish leaves from green card stock.

rosie prep

The girls bunched/pleated two lengths of folded coffee filter along a piece of tape, leaving half of it exposed, and then rolled them tightly to make the flower. They then squished the flower as flattish as it would go and glued it in place before adding the ribbon and placing the leaves. They had a harder time gathering the coffee filters than I thought they would, but with only a few girls, helping them out wasn’t a big deal. Glueing the roses to the poster board proved to be more of a problem and messier than I foresaw from my mock-up, so keep that in mind if you use my idea. Maybe not use something so 3D for a mural, but securing the tape to the top of a drinking straw would make this a good Mother’s-day craft.

rosie mock upOnce their roses were in their gardens, we cleaned up and they received their Rosie petals for their flower charts before we closed.

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