Sunny, the Friendly and Helpful Sunflower

This week was rough. Our leader had other obligations, so it was just me (with a parent volunteer on hand). We only had half our girls present, but it was just one of those nights. It started out with me being exhausted from my husband’s job search, the first rapidly approaching along with the end of the semester and the chores piling up at home. Then a new mom showed up asking questions I didn’t have the answers to about registering her girls, and that always leaves me imbalanced. I didn’t get there as early as I had wanted to, so I wasn’t set up when the girls arrived, and I left a bag with two vital supplies at home, so that wasn’t good, and by then I was so flustered that I forgot I had a handy outline to follow and ended up being lost and rambly which impaired my ability to command control and allowed all three girls (yes, it was only three) to keep pushing in closer to me, demanding more attention and wanting to be first or next or asking to do something other than what I was showing them rather than sitting back and paying attention, which led to many questions and rushed work, and I got more flustered every minute this continued.

Hey, it happens, right?

Anyway, I read them Sunny’s story, and we talked about it, and I forgot to bring the paper to draw Buckley’s party, but that’s ok, because I took so long getting organized we wouldn’t have had time for it even if I had remembered they were supposed to do it at all.

Then I introduced them to the Kaper Chart, after which they were supposed to use glitter glue to put their names on clothespins, but that was one of the essentials I had forgotten, so I’ll be making those for them at home. Probably for the best as well since only half of them were there and it’s going to take long enough to catch the others up anyway.

After that, I had them start on their garden murals, and idea adapted from the OCD Girl Scout Leaders blog and her Daisy Garden Craft Project. I don’t know how I’m going to get catch the other girls up without setting our schedule back a week. I’m sure I’ll figure something out…anyway, I’m insane, and so I prepped enough materials for 7 complete projects before we ever began. Now, even though I prepped one extra, I need to make more since we seem to be having two more girls joining us. Anyway, to begin with, I made mock-ups of the project.amazing garden mock up 1.

In the first version, I was trying to fit the garden on a 12×12 piece of cardstock, which didn’t really work out, and I was figuring out how I wanted to do each flower. The OCD blog didn’t have all the flowers posted just yet, and there were a few modifications I ended up making anyway, like the omission of pipe-cleaners (chenelle stems, whatever you want to call them). The second version was a test run of my decided upon methods. This mock-up took me 6 episodes of Gilmore Girls to complete, but I was happy with it, so I began prep work on Mari for our first petal session, and, being the obsessive person I can be on occasion, I went ahead and put the rest together while I had the materials out.


amazing garden mock up 2

amazing garden prep bagsamazing garden prep box

I cut standard size blue poster board in half, and a piece of standard green poster board in quarters before cutting those in half with a zig-zag line for the grass.

amazing garden prep - background

For Mari, I used a template take from OCD Mom (copied to paint to resize, printed and then drew a larger third based on the two provided) to cut out three layers of petals from orange card stock and painted the edges yellow and cut out a stem and three leaves from bright green card stock, using a pair of jagged edged craft-scissors for the leaves. (My cat decided to help me take pictures.)

mari prep

For Sunny, I used scrapbook cropping templates to cut out a circle of plain white printer paper and two circles of a golden yellow card stock in three sizes. Then came the time consuming part: I cut the petals into the yellow circles. I figured out how long I wanted the petals, drew a circle on the back of each disc as a guide, and then basically cut out triangles all the way around. I tried to do more than one disc at a time, but it was hard to keep them lined up, so it helped cut down the time considerably, but it was a little more finicky. For the seed centers, I used a round brush and dabbed brown paint all over them, let them dry, and then dabbed a little bit of yellow on top. Finally, I cut a stem and 2 large leaves for each flower from dark green card stock.

sunny prep (minus stem)

The girls each got half a blue piece of poster board, a grass piece and a set each of Mari and Sunny pieces. They glued the grass to the bottom of the blue poster and then assembled the Mari pieces wherever they wanted followed by Sunny, layering the flower heads and placing the stems where they wanted, folding the leaves in a random way before gluing them down.

The poster board, grass pieces, Mari, and Sunny, the second flower we will cover, took me all of Frozen and 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls to put together for 7 girls, the 6 regulars we have and 1 just in case. 

Once the girls had Mari and Sunny in their gardens, we cleaned up and dismissed with a Girl Scout handshake. I was too frazzled to do the circle. How sad is that? Anyway, bad days happen, and the girls still had fun.

On the way out, they each received a photocopy of step 3 from Sunny’s story in the guidebook and the Sunny worksheet I had made up. Sunny take home

Now off to figure out how to catch the others up without everyone getting behind…


*Almost all the card stock I used (excepting only a few complimentary scraps of dark green from my own stash when I ran out) came from a Colorbök collection: Summer Splash, Bright Days, or Primary Pizazz.

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