Mari the Marigold, Respector of Self and Others, Bearer of the Orange Petal

Okay, so I felt like be dramatic with the title. Expect it to continue.

This was our first “I made a plan!” session, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. We had time for everything but the small craft at the end, and we forgot the opening and to distribute the background patch for the Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden journey, but other than that it well. Also, I don’t have a handle on this whole closing ceremony thing…

We met. The girls came in, wrote their names on their journey books, and colored the Chandra page and filled out the “About Me” page. (pgs 8-9).

Then we had a snack and I had the girls plan out the order they want to earn their petals. I’m pretty sure this was based soley on the colors/pictures on the front of the booklets, but that’s ok. We have and order agreed upon.

After that, I read them Mari’s story, and we went through the questions in step 1 of the badge at the end. Then we ran into one of the issues I had with several of the Petal “requirements.” I, personally, don’t really want the chaos of the girls “acting out different ways,” or “acting out the story” as a couple of the other petals “require.” We may end up doing charades for one of them, which is similar but more structured (again, a personal issue.) Today, however, we left that step out and simply brainstormed those ways. Then, rather than using one of the suggestions for #3, I decided I would send that page home with the girls each week and we’d do our own activity for the petal. Be proud of me people. I understand that the journeys are meant to be customizable, but when there’s a 1, 2, then 3 laid out for me in any sort of official manner, deviation is an accomplishment!

To earn our orange petal, the girls agreed upon a set of 6 rules for the troop. I’m really proud of them. I provided two example lists, and then they compiled their own. The quietest girl in the group spoke up with a great rule, and we only had various versions of “be nice: kind and considerate” suggested about 20 times before we fleshed out the rest of the list. I had already made a large daisy out of cardstock and a paper plate, and I wrote the rules on it for them, and then had them sign the center. Here is our result:


1. be nice: kind and considerate 2. include others 3. be fair and fun 4. no whining 5. always share 6. be honest and respectful

1. be nice: kind and considerate
2. include others
3. be fair and fun
4. no whining
5. always share
6. be honest and respectful

Once that was done, I passed out their flower charts and let them add their orange petals. We were supposed to start a Daisy Flower Garden mural project before we went home, but we had run out of time, brainstorming and rule making took longer than I had expected, so I’ll have to pay more attention to the length of activities in the future if I want to fit everything in. Fill you in next week on how successful I am at that.

As they were leaving, I gave them each a photocopy of step 3 from the Mari Story in the guidebook and a take home sheet I made from the downloadable Mari color-me page. It was an idea I took completely from the OCD Girl Scout Leaders, adding

Just like Mari, I have been responsible for what I say and do this week when I:  1_____ 2_____ 3_____

with two lines for each item beneath the color-me page in the print & play. I converted the pdf file into jpgs and put the pages together in Open Office. If you can open .odt files, this is what it looked like: Mari take home.

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

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