Daisy Investiture

Our investiture went much more smoothly than I expected, and the girls really enjoyed it. I had found a few ideas on pinterest and modified them to make them our own.

First of all, our leader put together a wonderful snack table:

investiture snack table

Second, I had found numerous examples of decoration that involved some form of a cut out daisy on the floor, used as a runway, and it is apparently popular for a troop to create a daisy, either before or during the investiture, with a girl’s name on each petal of a daisy and the leaders’ names on leaves. I loved both of those ideas, but I decided to tweak the latter just a bit and combine the former with another idea I found and fell in love with.

the setup

I used a blue dot for the daisy center to represent the daisy promise, but also so that I could use it in a later photo op and avoid having to use two pieces of cardstock, because I’m thrifty like that. The poster is the base of my take on the troop flower. I decided I really liked that idea, but what I liked better was making the girls into a daisy garden. You can kind of see the watering can in the corner, made to look like the one in the Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden journey. Our leader and I signed the watering can to represent our roles in helping the girls grow, and the troop numbers (we have kindergartners as well as first graders) are written across the grass at the bottom.

receiving the waggs and daisy membership pins

Our leader called each girl’s name, and when she came forward, she was pinned with the yellow daisy tab (pre-pinned with the WAGGS and daisy membership pins.) The WAGGS pin is upside down, and the girls can have a parent spin it over once she has completed three “good turns” without being prompted.
placing her flower in our daisy garden


Then she was handed her daisy (I had all the girls write their names on a pre-made daisy as they came in and had glue dots already on the back; our leader just had to expose the dots before handing the girl the daisy). She got to place the daisy in the garden anywhere she wanted as long as it didn’t cover another girls flower. I trimmed the stems to fit afterward.receiving the promise center for her flower chart and hair clipthe daisy clip

After placing her daisy in the garden, our leader presented the girl with a handmade daisy hair clip she had made, and the paper version of the daisy promise center badge. (I’ll explain that in a minute.)presenting a daisy scout!Finally, I presented “Daisy Scout ___” to the audience of family members. There was also a troop presentation after the last girl.

Since we’re immediately going to begin earning the petals and have been working on the promise for about a month while we got everything else smoothed out, and because we had just asked the parents to buy membership pins and journey books/patches because we’re doing Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden while we earn the petals, I decided it would be a good idea to have some way the girls could keep track of petals they’d earned so far while still waiting until the end and presenting the patches all at once. After all, they’ll get the back ground garden patch next week and the bee and the watering can during, I kind of wanted to find a way to keep getting the patches a special occasion rather than an every week closer. I didn’t want them getting used to that and wondering what happened once we moved on.

So, I came up with the flower chart. It has the promise across the bottom, which they “signed” at the investiture, and as they earn each piece, they get the colored petals to place on the outline beneath.

2014-4 girl scout law petals - flower chart mock-up

My mock-up convinced me it would work, but I had some tweaking to do on the version I ended up giving the girls. To begin with, I actually looked at the law and got the first line right, and I placed it on the left rather than just above the light blue petal, hoping it makes enough sense to read it in a spiral rather than starting with Violet. Also, rather than doing hand lettering for everything, and to make the flower outline easier, I used a translucent clipboard as a light table, placing a table lamp on the floor to shine up through it as I traced the promise (for the font) and the flower outlines. The lines of the law were small enough that I did hand lettering. They were all made on large paper I had on hand, not standard 8 1/2 x 11. Not sure the exact measurements. Perhaps 11 x 14?

2014-4 girl scout law petals - flower chartAfter the investiture, each girl placed her promise center on her chart.
signing the promise on their flower chartsplacing the promise center on the flower chartWith all ceremony completed, I gathered the girls for one last photo op.what a beautiful daisy!

This idea was taken from a blog I found through pinterest, also with an example another version of the flower runway. The girls got a real kick out of this picture.

And, finally, it was snack time. While the girls enjoyed the delicious cupcakes provided by our leader, I even had time to finish reading the Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden story from last week. It amazed me how smoothly things ran.

*The charts, the flowers, and the garden background/watering can altogether took me the Sound of Music and 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls to complete. The daisies were all cut from Colorbok card stock using scrapbook cropping templates to get the circle centers and oval petals, but the flower chart petals were all cut by hand from random stash card stock because I didn’t have a template that provided a narrow enough oval.

*A special thanks must be made to my wonderful husband who commandeered my camera and insisted on taking the pictures. As a result I not only have the whole thing documented, but there is photographic proof that I was involved.






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