The Girl Scout Promise and Welcome to the Garden

So, this week we made popsicle stick doorhangers with a line from the promise on each stick glued to a ribbon. Then the girls got their snacks, and I read probably about 2/3 of Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden journey book.

The girls really seemed to enjoy the door hangers, but I would recommend having the lines written out on the sticks before hand and letting the girls assemble rather than having an adult write out the lines while they watch, and I would use craft glue rather than hot glue so that the girls can glue the sticks down themselves. As it was, they loved the result, but they didn’t actually have that much to do with the crafting itself other than picking out the color sticks they wanted and signing the last one.

promise doorhangerThey seemed to like the story, but we’ve really got to do something to cut down on the chaos. We had tag-a-longs playing outside with the door open, and parents moving around to take care of them. With even a little bit of activity going on behind them, it’s hard to say “No, you can’t get up. You don’t need any more juice or crackers. Sit still and listen to the story you can barely hear.”

Oh well, it’s a learning curve, and we’re slowly getting the hang of it.

I got the idea for the door hanger on pinterest, I just used the promise instead of the law. (I would link to the source, but the pin was just a picture. It didn’t actually go to a blog or page.)

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