Wading in


my daisy troop binder

my daisy troop binder – gotta keep things organized…

So when I first started considering girl scout leadership, I was completely overwhelmed. I knew nothing about the organization, how the girls were divided, how they earned badges, or how they progressed. I had no idea what meetings were supposed to be like or how much behind the scenes administration there really was. It was daunting and, for me, terrifying. I hate moving forward on anything until I understand the details involved.

Passport to Girl Scouts and 101 may not have answered all my questions, but they weren’t meant to. They did, however, give me the confidence to believe I could actually lead a troop and that the answers were accessible. There’s a bit of paperwork required to meet, a bit more to go on a field trip, and even more if you want to go camping overnight. There are requirements about what training adults need to have before you can do anything as well, but the training explained most of that and gave us the resources to look it up again later (because lets face it, I, at least, am not going to remember all that after only one explanation).

As far as what we should do in meetings, the adult guides provide enough suggestions that I feel confident adjusting it as needed, which is the point. They aren’t meant to be strict outlines you have to follow. I haven’t worked up the nerve to ask anyone to come talk to the girls about anything yet, but we’re just getting started, so I’ll let you know how that goes when we get there.

I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the money side of things, and budgeting for regular meeting activities, take action projects, and field trips still seems like a mountain I’ve got to climb, but there is training available for cookie and fall product sale involvement, which you can bet I’ll be doing, and the process of  opening an account for the troop is all lined out for you. I’m in the middle of deciphering financial aid, and I’d like to look into troop sponsorship, so there’s a lot left for me to learn, but at least I no longer feel like it’s way over my head.

I think that’s enough about me and the mess I’ve gotten myself into. Our troop leader is almost as new to this as I am, so we’re figuring it out together, and the ladies leading of the council so far have been incredibly helpful and supportive. If you find yourself stepping into troop leadership and feel overwhelmed, you are by no means alone. Just remember, if this nervous wreck can do it, so you can you.

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