A new adventure

I never meant to be a scout mom. My husband was going to be the support volunteer and the one who took her to meetings because I just had too much going on. Well, circumstances change, obligations elsewhere are lifted, and I find myself attending her meetings. Then I find myself volunteering “just in case” because, yeah, we finally found a Daisy leader, but she’ll be a Brownie in about six months, and I really didn’t want her to find herself without a leader. Again. And, since she’s been a Daisy for a year already but will only have about six months to go on “journeys” and earn patches; and she was the only first grader in the troop; and she’s a zealous, smart little bear, I figured I’d get the leader materials and “augment” her troop activity with patches and journeys the other girls wouldn’t get to until next year. That way she’d have more do, get more done, but still have fun with the troop. Then other first graders started showing up, and, deep breath, since I was already doing leadership training “just in case,” and I was already planning on doing extra activities with my daughter, I thought, “I should probably open this up to the other first graders.” Then, since I already had the leader’s guides and was doing planning anyway, I started acting as co-leader. Then since I was already acting as a leader and had already basically figured out most of what goes in to being leader, the “just in case” has become “and I’m going to lead the Brownie troop next year.” And now there’s a strong chance the Daisies and Brownies will remain closely knit sister-troops that work together.

Whew. So there’s that. Anyway, I have found Pinterest an amazing resource for Girl Scouts ideas, a lot of which answered questions I hadn’t gotten around to researching yet, and a handful of blogs Pinterest linked to proved most useful. With that in mind, I figured I would start my own Scouting blog where I will chronicle our adventures. I will do my best to credit sources for the ideas I use and link to the sites I “pinned” for reference as they become relevent. If someday some harried troop leader stumbles across my humble blog and it helps as the blogs before mine helped me, well, that’s why I’m creating it.

So we have our embarcation. Next stop: assimilating details and setting a game plan.


Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

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